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22-Jan-2021 05:01
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I am evangelical about Legacy and enjoy running Death & Taxes, Pox, Burn, and Dredge. When I am not too busy losing to Brainstorm, I like to stall Commander games with Stax.

No minimum or maximum trade or sale value. The cards I trade and sell will arrive in the edition and condition listed. Every card I mail will be adequately protected.

I collect Price of Progress (Exodus). Send them my way.
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Lion's Eye Diamond
1 $700.00Add to Cart
Lion's Eye Diamond
1 $680.00Add to Cart
Exalted Angel
1 $2.00Add to Cart
Serra Angel
1 $2.00Add to Cart
Wirewood Channeler
1 $2.00Add to Cart
Mirari's Wake
3 $2.00Add to Cart
1 $2.00Add to Cart
Chromatic Star
1 $1.50Add to Cart
Soul's Attendant
4 $1.50Add to Cart
Careful Study
5 $1.50Add to Cart
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