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Canada - Alberta - Calgary
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I play Dredge and Death & Taxes in Legacy, am evangelical about Pauper, and collect with Vorthos in mind.

Trade priority goes to cards to fill out Death & Taxes in Legacy, as well as Dredge mainboard staples and sideboard tech.

Feel free to offer cards that are not on my wish list.

No minimum or maximum trade value. I will ship anywhere in North America. The cards I trade and sell will arrive in the edition and condition listed. Every card I mail will be adequately protected.
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Goblin Lore
1 $7.00Add to Cart
Pemmin's Aura
3 $2.00Add to Cart
2 $0.45Add to Cart
5 $0.44Add to Cart
Plated Sliver
2 $0.43Add to Cart
Vengeful Dead
1 $0.43Add to Cart
12 $0.43Add to Cart
1 $0.42Add to Cart
No Rest for the Wicked
1 $0.42Add to Cart
Astral Slide
2 $0.42Add to Cart
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