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Byron (gnp17)
United States - California - Davis
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NOTE: Currently I am looking to just sell

Hello all at deckbox.  I am looking to liquidate my large collection of magic cards.  Everything in my inventory is for sale.  Right now I have 150+ sales, and I am looking to further build my reputation here.  Below I have a set of sale rules and such.  Please take a look at them and then check out my collection:

A Couple of Rules:
1.  I am currently only shipping to the United States.  If you are overseas please message me and note that you are across borders.
2.  All of my cards are noted at near mint because of the way I imported my cards, although most cards are Near Mint, not all of them are. If condition is a major priority please message me before purchasing.
3.  If you are serious about the purchase and want scans of the cards you want to purchase let me know and I will get you scans.  Please message me before purchasing, especially if you want scans.
4.  Please remember to leave feedback on completed deals. 
5.  If there is a problem with a transaction, let me know and I will do my best to fix the situation. 
6.  I accept verified paypal accounts.
7.  I will entertain all offers on my cards, but please don't low ball me.
8.  I do pricing based on TCGplayer and Deckbox.
9.  I ship First Class USPS in bubble mailers with cards in sleeves and in between cardboard, tracking numbers will be given after they are shipped out . Orders less than 5 dollars will be shipped in plain white envelopes.
10.  Large orders will have different shipping options and will be discussed at the time of purchase. 
11.  I will cross reference deckbox confirmed address and the paypal address prior to shipping cards. 
12.  Shipping charges can be found and selected once an order has been started. 
13.  Please allow up to 72 hours for me to respond, although I am usually pretty quick.
14.  If your order is less than 5 dollars (without shipping) I reserve the right to cancel the order.
15.  I reserve the right to cancel any order from people I have had poor dealings with.
16.  Thank you for reading the rules and hope to trade with you soon.
17.  Check my profile to see my availability, that will usually provide a good estimate on how quickly I will respond.

A FREE player set of random commons from a random set with first purchase!

If anyone in the Greater Sacramento Region would like to purchase the collection as a whole as well as unopened product shoot me a trade, Unfortunately the weight for shipping is too great to ship as a whole.

Sealed Products:
2x Worldwake Fat Packs
2x Zendikar Fat Packs
2x Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
5x Return to Ravnica Booster Boxes
1x Journey into Nyx Booster Box

NOTE: Make sure to read this area as it will provide my status.

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Return to Ravnica - Booster Pack
60 for sale @ $4.25

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Mox Jet
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Volcanic Island
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Vendilion Clique
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Mana Crypt
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Maze of Ith
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Fulminator Mage
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Dark Confidant
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