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My edh group has recently began to move towards just using proxies for most things so I will mainly be looking for things for my collection from now on, and potentially some stuff for a modern deck. This means anything that is miscut/misprint, signed, old border foils, cool old border stuff, reserved list stuff, full art promos / masterpieces and things of the sort.

If buying try and message me first, I have a semi-large inventory of several thousand cards so sometimes something is a wrong set or condition or something and this makes it so I won't have to cancel any orders and saves you time.

Most everything I have is for sale, deckbox prices don't always reflect TCG especially with the reserved spikes so let me know what you want, then I will list it on the marketplace and you can buy it through the marketplace. This is to align with deckbox guidelines and also allow me to confirm set/condition

I am interest in Reserved List Cards. I have several cards where I have like 5, 6, or even 20 copies, I would like to trade these for cards of similar values that I don't have a playset of yet. Also interested in foil, promo, signed, or altered version of any cards in my decks.

I would also be in interested in any misprints, I will request pictures before the trade for those however.
Always willing to trade for foil Godzilla lands, and any foil old border basic lands

New sellers that are < 5 please send first for all trades, < 10 please send first for large trades.
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