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Hi, I'm a Level 19 trader (gonzoron) on tradecardsonline and have 600+ positive feedback on ebay (rlaufer) and 150+ positive trade feedback on boardgamegeek (gonzoron), so please trade with confidence.

I am only trading what's on my tradelist and for the most part, only looking for what's on my wishlist.  Also looking for the following tokens: 
Shadowmoor G/W Elf Warriors
Shadowmoor G/R Goblin Warriors
Unglued Pegasus
And 2/2 Green Cat or 2/2 White Cat

I generally ship low value cards in a premium sleeve taped between two pieces of cardboard in a security envelope, shipped 1st class.  If the trade is slightly larger, I'll use a hard plastic sleeve.  If this is a problem, let me know, and we can work out alternate shipping methods.

PLEASE NOTE: With a few exceptions, the planeswalkers, dragons, and angels on my wishlist are for a friend to help fill out his collections.  I am not looking to trade just for those, but will be happy to add them into a larger trade to even things out.  For the most part, if the cards in those categories are still in standard, and still pricey, I won't be interested until they rotate. The exceptions to this (i.e. cards I want for myself in those categories) are: <none at this time>
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