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I'm a long time collector and EDH player.  I'm currently only interested in selling, not trading.

I'm only going to list a few cards for sale until I become established as a Deckbox seller.  I do have over 100 sales (100% positive rating) as a seller (greenraven3) on eBay.

If you see a card that isn't for sale, send me an email!  I'll more than likely put a price in and make it available for sale.

I might only be able to check Deckbox a couple times a week, so please be patient!

I believe all card conditions are accurately indicated.  I can email card pictures upon request.

If you have other questions, please email me prior to making the purchase.

Let's do this!
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Wrath of God
1 $19.99Add to Cart
3 $17.75Add to Cart
1 $13.99Add to Cart
Striking Sliver
1 $9.99Add to Cart
1 $8.49Add to Cart
Ashnod's Altar
4 $7.75Add to Cart
Mind Twist
1 $6.99Add to Cart
Krovikan Horror
1 $5.99Add to Cart
Nature's Lore
1 $5.75Add to Cart
Quirion Ranger
1 $4.99Add to Cart
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