Braydon Hawkins (hawkdroid)
Canada - Ontario - Orillia
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Looking to trade into lots of different types of cards. If you're looking for something on my list, feel free to just make a one-sided trade. I will usually find something to equalize the value.
That being said, I trade for AESTHETIC purposes:
- If it has a MYSTERY BOOSTER SYMBOL and you didn't mark it as such in your inventory or send me a message before we accept configurations, I will give you a negative or neutral review.
- I encourage you to tell me if a card is MINT in your eyes, although I understand why it might be detrimental to label cards as mint in your inventory.
- I love Deckbox because it allows us to specify many aspects of a card without taking pictures individually and posting them as a lot. It's a huge time saver. Try using Facebook to trade and you'll see what I mean.

- The above link is my Facebook profile. This is proof that I endorse that account to use the reputation of this Deckbox account while doing trades on Facebook.
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