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i use face to face to price out my cards
play mostly edh

no trade too small

collect angels and vampires cause cause way back 20 years ago when i first played seemed most played serra vs sengir.  now that i am playing again after twenty years alot has changed.
Now there are some wicked looking cards of both, angels and vampires, from a 10 cent common to a hundred dollar foil, how the times have changed.  And the only foils i would be interested in are angels and vampires. i just trade all other foils away after getting a non-foil card

if i have something you need ask i will look at your tradelist and try and find something (no promises-just i will look)
-but i will not trade out of my inventory, dont even ask-i will just cancel

i may have multiple trades going on with the same cards.  first to confirm.  although i try to modify or cancel before it becomes conflicting

i try to send out alot of trades- if i haven't heard anything in 3-4 days (at least something in chat) i will cancel.

if i send out a duplicate trade to you sorry not trying to pick at you, memory just not as good as it used to be

don't be afraid to counter what i offer- thats half the fun of trading

trading down to only 1 of each of my cards

i am needing time spiral, serras sanctum,
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