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Feel free to send me any trades you think might be fair. You are welcome to look through my inventory to see if there is anything on there that I don't have listed for trade that you might want, although it is less likely I would move them (the Beta Bolts are off-limits). The worst I will do is say no thanks. I don't feel that trades need to be to the penny either, as long as we are in the ballpark I feel the trade to be fair. Please be aware that even though a trade might be really good I might not be feeling it might reject. Don't take it personally.

Just some trade basic rules:
- Small trades in PWE. Larger trades of ~$25+ I will send in a padded envelope with tracking using Paypal (https://www.paypal.com/shiplabel/createbulk).
- I don't own a printer at home so I have to print off postage at work. Because of this there might be a small delay sending a larger trade since i have to wait until I am back at work. I try to have everything out next day normally.
- I will only mark a trade as shipped once the post office has the package. Please do the same. I am seeing an increase in people marking something as sent and it not being sent for well over a week later. Just an FYI: the post office will postmark a letter received with information including a date so when you say you sent it on the the 1st and I get something 2 weeks later postmarked the 12th I know you are lying.
- As with most people here low trade scores or negative feed back will have me ask you to send first.
- I will try to respond to any trade even if it is a simple no thanks and I expect the same from others. It makes it very hard to try and make trades when people don't communicate why a trade isn't working for them. If I have not responded to you yet I might just be busy or trying to make something work.
- Card condition is somewhat subjective. I feel that most of my cards are NM to LP with the newer cards being of better condition. Sometimes I'll change my mind on a card condition on a second or third look. If exact condition is important to you please ask for pictures. I prefer cards to be SP+ so long as everyone it forthright with condition.

If you have any trophy cards -- Invocations, Toppers, Explorations -- or high value trade materials -- shock lands, format staples -- please feel free to include them in a trade even if they are not on my trade list. I am taking a few things off just to cut down on the length of my list and to make the trade opportunities to be pared down a bit.

Things I do have for trade that won't show up on my list. These are proxy that I will trade good for place holders/EDH/Cube:
- Proxy Tarmogoyf x4 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ltmG2zIWBPNX-JXCBWlInbSAFTv5w13S/view)
- Proxy  Kaalia of the Vast  x1 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cmx-ZHtEJ5QsQjJPf-nBeLhqu5WzFXZq/view)
- Proxy Power 9 + Library of Alexandria x1 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kCGqC3x6YzYn-pyzFyIuv5xQAVC7Jp_2/view)

Also: Toploaders ... I have a box of these things and they just keep multiplying.

PLEASE NOTE: I am starting to come across a few cards here and there that are have gone missing. I have them and I have not traded them away, but they are not where I expect them to be. Most likely I pulled them at one point and had them in a stack with other random cards, put them someplace and subsequently forgot where I put them. Because of this I have created a deck called A.W.O.L. (https://deckbox.org/sets/2385068) with cards I know to be missing atm. If you are interested in something I have if you want to cross reference this deck it will let you know if i know it is missing

PLEASE NOTE 2: I have Mystery Booster cards for trade. Anything you see on my trade list with the depreciated Promo tag are cards that are from Mystery Boosters until such time as the system is updated with these sets. I will use TCG for the prices for these while they are not in the system. The only and low end cards do seem very close to the deckbox prices though. I also currently have 2 Play Test cards for trade: Mana Abundance and Wizened Arbiter. If you are interested in them please let me know.
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