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Joshua C (iglesia777)
United States - Michigan - Holland
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Newer to deckbox as I'm coming over from PucaTrade (same user - iglesia777).  Was hoping puca would bounce back, but haven't gotten much for trades in a long time.  I do my best to keep my inventory & wishlist up-to-date, but I do trade at the local shop during FNM.

I'm mostly a standard player.  I enjoy pauper too, but just don't have much opportunity to play in paper (hoping that changes soon now that it's a sanctioned format).  Always looking for different ways to get value out of tron (BW vampires anyone?).  Sealed & Draft are still the best :) 

Since my decks are always rotating, I tend to not like foils and would rather trade them away for multiple copies of non-foil if the value is that high.  Though I do like a good promo.

PWE under $25 unless we agree otherwise.  I'll always use at least a penny sleeve + top loader with masking tape (none of that clear, gooey stuff!).  I have so many it seems a waste not to :)

I try to trade Std - Std, etc.  Usually prefer TCG pricing as some cards are really inflated here.  But if they're close, that's usually good enough.  And I totally get adding value if cards on one side are played in multi-formats.

I usually do want the specific edition / art that I have listed.

Happy trading all
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