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Mostly EDH player here!  I play a bunch of limited as well to collect new cards for my decks, but often I end up with more copies of cards I don't particularly need, that I'm happy to turn into more EDH cards, or foils for my much beloved Darien deck!

I will be happy to trade with those inside the US right now, though I would like to mention that I prefer to use TCGMarket prices to value trades, as Deckbox's algorithms can make prices a bit wonky sometimes.  If you're local to the SF bay area and desire to trade, I'd be happy to consider meeting up for an exchange too.

When it comes to cards I do ask that they be in pretty good condition if we're trading (as the majority of the cards I'll send out will be of the same quality), and this goes especially for foils; dings or white spots on the edges, noticeable scratches, and the like are things I'd actively like to avoid, since I'm trying to make my deck as easy on the eyes as possible.  And I'd solely like cards in English please.

Addendum: I didn’t think I’d need to specify this, but I do not trade with cretins who demand a 30% bonus for the dubious ‘privilege’ of trading with them. Get over yourselves.
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