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Scalding Tarn
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Doug (ishenbok)
United States - Georgia - Atlanta
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If I have something you want feel free to open a trade with me even if you don't have anything on my wishlist I am always happy to take a look.

I prefer trades to be at least $10 or they end up costing more time then they are worth.

I have no real interest in foils or foreign language cards so do not expect me to over value those things.

I do not Trade to Canada unless you are willing to trade me far more value then I am sending.  Sorry but I have had horrible experiences with shipping to Canada and the effort is usually not worth the expense or hassle.

If you open a trade with me please also comment there is nothing worse then opening a trade with no information about what the other side is thinking and doing so to me will likely result in a cancelled trade.

Looking to swap my Tarmogoyfs, Bobs, Shocks, and Fetches for my Jund deck for the older counterparts so if that is something that you are interested in please let me know.  Obviously if there is a difference I am happy to throw in a bit more to make it up.
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