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Don't be rude. If you're rude I'm just going to block and move on with my life.

First and most importantly I am not a brick and mortar store and only run this relatively small online inventory on my free time. That means the following:

* I cannot keep up with the drastic changes the market has been seeing in the last few months. If a card spikes over 20% I will need to increase the price to a minimum of 15% off (or less depending on the situation). This also works in your favor, if you notice a card is overpriced please reach out before completing your order and I will make it the correct price (TCG Market).

* I am not a professional grader and we very likely may disagree on conditions especially if you think that NM is the same as M. TCG, T&T, CFB, SCGs all have very different grading scales so it is important to ask me ahead of time for photos if the condition is important. That being said for items under $1 this is not worth either of our time, especially on larger orders.

* With this in mind refunds will not be granted based on condition if you did not reach out prior to completing your purchase. And if you are trying to snipe cheap cards due to price spikes without reaching out the order will be canceled and you will be refunded and blocked from doing additional purchases.
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Sword of Dungeons & Dragons
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Sakashima of a Thousand Faces
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Privileged Position
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Surgical Extraction
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Wooded Bastion
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Crucible of Worlds
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Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
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