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Cody Hough (ivantortuga)
United States - Missouri - Springfield
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United States, Canada, Australia
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Don't be rude. If you're rude I'm just going to block and move on with my life.

- Foil War Misprints are judge approved NFC.
- Due to random price spikes I reserve the right to refund a purchase or ask for the difference. This being said I will only refund a purchase if the card has increased in value by 10% or more. The only reason I do this is because deckbox's pricing is hard to keep track of and updating the sell list daily or weekly simply isn't something I have the time to do. Speculators beware - deckbox sides with the seller on disputes related to the difficulty of keeping lots up to date. It is particularly hard for me to keep up to date on my inventory as I am not a store and I am one of the highest yielded sellers on here.
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Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 $115.03Add to Cart
Force of Will
1 $96.20Add to Cart
1 $66.86Add to Cart
Misty Rainforest
1 $60.68Add to Cart
Misty Rainforest
1 $60.33Add to Cart
Sword of Light and Shadow
1 $57.81Add to Cart
Dark Confidant
1 $51.71Add to Cart
Surgical Extraction
1 $45.00Add to Cart
Goblin Settler
1 $44.83Add to Cart
The Magic Mirror
1 $44.79Add to Cart
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