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Cody Hough (ivantortuga)
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United States - Florida - Panama City
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Primarily here to sell cards but please if you see something you want and you have things on my wishlist reach out! If you want something but don't have anything on my wishlist I'll have to pass unless the trade is in my favor by 25%. Purchases must be over $5 (before shipping). Thank you and happy buying!

**Due to random price spikes I reserve the right to refund a purchase. This being said I will only refund a purchase if the card has decreased in value by 20% or more. The only reason I do this is because deckbox's pricing is hard to keep track of and updating the sell list daily or weekly simply isn't something I have the time to do.

This also works in your favor, if you notice that I'm charging more than 120% TCG tell me and I will bring the price down!

I buy all bulk rares in NM/LP condition for $.05 each! I will pay for shipping so please reach out. I also buy MP/HP bulk rares at $.01 each. Bulk is determined by whether or not the card is worth under $1.

I also buy select sealed product for the right price!

---Decks I Play---
Mono-Red (Standard)
True Bant Bogles (Modern)
4 Color Burn (Modern)
Moggcatcher (Legacy)
Ramos (EDH)
Firesong & Sunspeaker (EDH)
Ghalta (Brawl)
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