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Casual player.  Dabble in Standard.  Always building my next EDH deck.

I am generally not interested in acquiring foils unless that is the only version of a card.

I grade cards honestly, package carefully as per Deckbox guidelines in penny sleeves, top loader, and padded envelopes, and ship USPS with tracking for trades >$25.  Smaller trades get penny sleeve and top loader taped into a folded piece of paper in a plain white security envelope and no tracking.

Anything worth over $1 on my trade list should have the condition accurately indicated.  Bulk cards may not have been entered with such attention to detail.  If condition is very important to you, please inquire about specific cards before we finalize a trade.  I generally do not confirm my mailing address until I have pulled the cards and confirmed conditions.  This avoids any possibility of my trading partner having cards in the mail already only to find that I cannot locate a card or the condition is incorrect.  I would rather deal with such issues before anything is in the mail.

I am generally not super concerned with card condition, but I do expect to receive cards in the condition noted during negotiations.

I'd prefer to keep trades at least $10 to justify shipping costs, but will consider smaller ones.

If you have less than 15 feedback or any negative feedback, I will expect that you send first.

Always interested in the following BFZ/OGW full art basics as filler:

Plains BFZ 250
Island BFZ 255
Swamp BFZ 263
Mountain BFZ 265
Forest BFZ 270
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