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Will send cards anywhere in the U.S.

I am primarily trading for standard cards or cube cards.  I also dabble in EDH and modern, but am less likely to want to trade for high value cards in these formats.

Any trade under $30 in value will get sent in the mail with a soft sleeve inside of a hard top loader, and mailed first class in a regular envelope.

Greater than $30 gets the same but with a thick bubble envelope with delivery confirmation.  However, I will generally match whatever type of packaging/tracking you want for the cards, but I prefer to keep my shipping costs as low as possible.

I love trading a ton of cards up for a few cards.  I am less likely to want to trade down unless it is for something that I really need. 

I generally keep a very tight wishlist, and will typically only have 3-4 cards that I am "targeting" on the wishlist.  If you see something you want from me, don't assume that you don't have anything I would want to trade for it, because I can almost always find cards I want on most tradelists.

I am almost always in the market for duals/shocks/fetches/checks/filters/ect, so if you need to even out a trade, I will gladly take value in lands.
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