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Matt Miller (kamihax0r)
United States - Georgia - Marietta
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United States
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Reddit MTG Trades, MTG Market, GigaBites Cafe
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I play modern, standard and limited.

Currently trying to trade for modern Bant Eldrazi, with RG Ponza cards as filler.

I sent out a lot of configurations and offers. I will be happy to go back and forth with you and if you're not interested in a trade, I don't take it personally. Best if you just tell me which cards you're most interested in. Mutual disagreement is all part of it.

I have some other cards in a friends collection here: [kylesmagiccollection]. I will also use those if they are cards you're looking for. All my trades go from here so I can keep an accurate trade count.

If you send me something, please put some comments so I know what you're trying to accomplish.

I ship in PWE unless an order is $35+ or you want to give me about $4 extra value and you request bubble mailer/tracking.

I'm happy to send first if I have fewer trades than you. But, if it's not that far off, lets just send at the same time for convenience. If you're under 20, I'd ask that you send first.

If you're worried about condition - make sure to remind me to check. I'm happy to do pictures and what not if needed.

Happy trading!

Other products I have:
2x Khans boxes (sealed)
1x Khans complete set (sealed)
1x MM2015 box (sealed)

GP Houston Eldrazi
"Come Visit our Mountains"
SCG IQ Top 8 Playmat - Goblin
Drana, Liberator of Malakir Game Day Champion
Banisher Priest

If you're ordering cards from me as a seller, please contact me if you want anything more than a bubble mailer. I'll ship any way you like, if you're paying shipping.
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Ajani Steadfast
1 $13.50Add to Cart
Puresteel Paladin
3 $12.00Add to Cart
Seachrome Coast
2 $7.00Add to Cart
Xantid Swarm
1 $4.00Add to Cart
Prairie Stream
1 $3.50Add to Cart
Sigil of Distinction
2 $3.00Add to Cart
1 $3.00Add to Cart
Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker
2 $2.50Add to Cart
Monastery Swiftspear
3 $2.25Add to Cart
Sram, Senior Edificer
4 $1.25Add to Cart
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