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Bryan (kitefrog)
United States - California
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14-Aug-2020 16:02
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United States
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MTG Market, Reddit MTG Trades, MTG California
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I used to play a lot of modern and limited, but I really haven't been able to recently so I'm trying to sell a big chunk of my collection.  I used to play mostly Ux goodstuff decks (essentially, jam 4x snaps and 4x remands :)

Selling only right now (sorry, not accepting trades), but feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns.

Also, if you're buying from me and are interested in bulk foils or prerelease promos, take a look at my inventory and let me know if there's anything you're looking for.  I know there's foil collectors out there, and I don't mind throwing something in or working something out if it's what you're missing.

Most everything is NM, but I'll verify if it's not beforehand and let you know before shipping if the condition is questionable.
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Misty Rainforest
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Scalding Tarn
2 $61.00Add to Cart
Marsh Flats
1 $35.17Add to Cart
Surgical Extraction
1 $32.95Add to Cart
Surgical Extraction
1 $32.95Add to Cart
Stoneforge Mystic
4 $28.00Add to Cart
Wooded Foothills
1 $24.00Add to Cart
Bloodstained Mire
2 $23.00Add to Cart
Polluted Delta
2 $23.00Add to Cart
Flooded Strand
2 $20.00Add to Cart
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