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Hello Visitor,

I started playing magic when fallen empires launch in 1994. Since then i was playing on and off, and i just came back to it, but this time more on the collection side than the playing side.

I am actually open to trade for some French black border card in order to complete my collection.

Everything you see in the tradelist is for trading or selling, essentially in the canada and the US.

I reserve the right to cancel an order if there is a a big difference with Tcgplager price ( price spike, baning annoucement, reprint annoucement, etc ).  If that is the case, I ask that you please don't leave negative feedback. No reason to hurt my ability to sell cards because I wouldn't let you take advantage of price spike.

I am still in the process of inventorize all the cards, you can message me, if you want to know if i got certain cards in stock.

About mailing fees :

$2.00  1-10 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($0.00 - $50.00)
$3.00  11 - 25 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($5.00 - $50.00)
$5.00  26 - 50 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking ($5.00 - $50.00)
$15.00 1 card or more: Canada Post, Tracking ($100.00 and more)

all the cards are shipped in a top loader whithin a bubble enveloppe.

Je parle Français aussi.
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