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koda (koda)
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United States - New York - New York
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Long time collector and EDH/Limited player, trying to foil out decks... Feel free to send me offers for cards nobody wants just because they are shiny!

I'm always happy to trade any card I have, even if what you are offering is not on my wish list -- in that case I'll just trade for value (with a reasonable extra). Note that only cards from my trade list (not my inventory) are available for trading, and that cards with a very high wish count number indicate a low priority for me.

I try to keep my inventory count and condition status accurate, but sometimes in such a large collection of cards an error can slip in, and I'll do my best to notify you before accepting. I expect the same care in double checking condition and edition before sending on your side too.

For buying, I kindly ask to keep the minimum order above $5. In case you wish to purchase from me, please inquire before that all the cards are available, and I will make sure that quantity and conditions are accurate.

I would prefer to receive cards that are in English, Japanese, Russian or Italian only, NM (near mint) only.

Highest trade to date: $220

*********SHIPPING WITH TRACKING*********
For any trade over $30, I would prefer to use tracked shipment, for ease of mind on both parties. If you need help with it, you may just use Paypal to print a USPS postage label for only $2.60. Follow these simple steps:
1) Go to and log in with your Paypal account
2) Enter destination address
3) Select USPS First class mail
4) Select package/large envelope
5) Enter 3 Oz for weight (unless you're shipping lots of cards; 3 Oz is as cheap as it gets)
6) Print postage, tape to bubble mailer
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Simian Spirit Guide
1 $70.00Add to Cart
Crucible of Worlds
1 $70.00Add to Cart
Dark Depths
1 $50.00Add to Cart
Sulfur Elemental
1 $50.00Add to Cart
2 $35.00Add to Cart
Master Transmuter
1 $33.00Add to Cart
Aether Vial
1 $31.00Add to Cart
The Scarab God
1 $30.00Add to Cart
Chainer's Edict
1 $25.00Add to Cart
Meddling Mage
1 $25.00Add to Cart
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