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Just a casual player who buys collections every now and then and updates my list.

I am working on a MOTL reference list as well, so if you don't mind filling out a reference for me after a successful trade, that would be awesome!


I typically will be trading for just things on my "in progress" decks before trading for value.

I reserve the right to cancel sales on any card that has recently spiked in value due to Deck Box being difficult to update prices.
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Crypt Ghast
2 $4.64Add to Cart
Elvish Promenade
1 $3.26Add to Cart
Elvish Clancaller
1 $2.33Add to Cart
Ambush Commander
1 $1.29Add to Cart
Impact Tremors
3 $1.17Add to Cart
Drove of Elves
2 $0.69Add to Cart
Mogg War Marshal
3 $0.62Add to Cart
Reclamation Sage
7 $0.35Add to Cart
Gruul Guildgate
4 $0.13Add to Cart
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