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Douglas James (malachite)
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Canada - British Columbia - Victoria
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I'm an active player and collector since Mirrodin and I have a fairly extensive collection.  I'm currently looking to start actively investing/trading in MtG cards for fun and profit.

Any cards I have for trade or sale will be marked as NM however some may be of lower quality (usually the older sets).  If I see that the cards you've selected are of lower quality when I process your order, I will contact you and supply photos and we can adjust the price accordingly.  I'm not here to screw anyone on quality, I simply don't have the time to grade every card in my collection.  I do regularly destroy cards that I know simply don't pass the muster, so there is a minimum quality, but I'm not a professional grader.  I will however, give you the cards that are in the best quality I currently possess.

PS: I am not collecting foils, and thus I am not trading for foils (except in rare circumstances where the foil allows me to black-border a deck)

PPS: If we are trading, and you are looking for a specific high value card that is not on my tradelist, let me know.  I may have it in my inventory and if it will make the trade go smoother I am willing to make exceptions.
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Life // Death
1 $14.52Add to Cart
Oblivion Stone
1 $11.07Add to Cart
Darigaaz's Caldera
1 $8.47Add to Cart
Lava Spike
1 $8.28Add to Cart
Darksteel Colossus
1 $8.04Add to Cart
Sulfur Falls
1 $6.24Add to Cart
1 $5.69Add to Cart
Ravenous Trap
1 $5.35Add to Cart
Sacred Ground
2 $5.09Add to Cart
Arctic Merfolk
1 $4.74Add to Cart
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