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Hi there! I have a decent collection of cards spanning from a number of sets, new and old. I am interested in trading more than buying or selling.
I am only looking to trade my high-dollar cards for other big stuff.

Current trade priorities:
Legacy 12-Post
Modern 4c Gifts
Abrupt Decay
Blue Fetches
Modern staples

Lower Priority:
Zurgo EDH

I also collect foil Enchantment Creatures from the Theros block, so those are always appealing to me in a trade (mostly as throw-ins).

My wishlist is NOT all-inclusive; I am always open to browsing through your tradelist that might capture my interest. I look forward to trading with you!
I am flexible with pricing and can negotiate between Deckbox and TCGPlayer values. If you have no/low feedback, I may ask you to send first.

For trades under $20, I will likely send in a regular envelope and toploader. I will likely send in a bubble mailer with tracking for trades over $20. I am always open for discussing these things too.
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