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Looking for local and mail trades. 

I currently play Legacy and EDH.  I used to play modern because I had Pod built and now it's gone, so I proxied up Legacy Death and Taxes and finally built it.  My priority now is to build Mardu Pyromancer in Modern.  I am also looking for some EDH stuff and cards for modern taxes deck but those items are of less priority.

I try to keep my tradelist as up to date as possible although some things might slip by.  I also do a decent amount of trading in person so sometimes things slip by and aren't added or removed.  I also double check my card's conditions before I accept a trade.

I prefer to use TCG mid prices for trading.

If you have less than 15 feedback I'll ask that you please send first.

Cards for trade that can't be listed:
Gold Bordered City of Brass
3x Gold Bordered Rishadan Port
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