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Beeker (monkeyAEEK)
United States - Florida - Jacksonville
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I don't claim to be a prodigy or any sort of MTG guru. I just really enjoy the art of designing a good deck.

I like to have a challenge, and make something different. You may notice, with one minor exception, I never use any cards from the Innistrad block. The reason is, I find it to be too easy to use. It seems anyone regardless of skill, could throw together any handful of cards from the three Innistrad block sets, and as long as they have a somewhat useable ration of mana to playables, they would have a successful deck. I say this out of experience of playing countless matches against many many many decks designed solely out of the three sets, and every time it was rather boring to play against. No matter who made what deck it always ended up in an obnoxious amount of control, burn, and spit out more creatures to do the same thing over and over and over. Essentially, I feel like Innistrad is more for beginners, so they can get the feel of the game, and feel victory rather than just being slapped in the face redundantly from the start.

That being said, my decks will typically have a similar feel to them. I like to have options for defeat, in order to create a dynamic strategy. It can also be noted, my favorite color to use is black. I hardly ever use red, or blue, for the simple fact that it feels cheap, and unoriginal. If I win by burn and controlling my opponent to death, I don't feel like it was an honorable defeat. To me, a good deck makes you think and determine a battle plan each time you face a new opponent.
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