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I have been playing magic since the beginning, and been off and on since that time.  For the last few years I been back in full steam.  I am mostly an EDH player who keeps a few Modern Decks just in case I feel the itch to play at the FLGS. 

I am new to this trade site but have traded online for awhile. 

Trading on MTGSalvation,com under user:  Old_Scratch
Trading online for years on Bartertown.com (Miniatures trading), user: oldscratch

Prefer trades of $20 or more to make the postage worthwhile.  For trade $20+ I will ship with bubble mailer in top loader/s with tracking and expect the same in return.  For trades under $20 I will usually ship in PWE with top loader with no tracking.

Please note that I am father of 2 very young kids and work 50+ hours a week so it might take a few days to get to replying to trade offers.  Thanks for understanding.

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