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Travis Williams (panda213)
United States - Florida - Fort Myers
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United States
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MTG Market, Reddit MTG Trades, Foil Traders
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Husband and father
Mid 30s
Kitchen table edh player
Metal \m/ head
Really into mtg lore
Huge college football fan
Pro football is for pick ems and fantasy
Go Gators

Need to downsize my collection so offer me up a solid price for anything you may want to buy, willing to work under tcg low

I'll always ship via usps priority no matter how big or small the deal is

I try to go by tcg low for prices but am willing to consider others, just lmk :)

Not a stickler about condition, especially with older cards, but I do expect your grading to be fair. I'll do the same but please inquire if you're on the pickier side. I'm also more than willing to take pics of any cards and have a jewelers loupe for the older stuff so just ask and I'll make it happen

Always down for trading but please, even if I initiate the trade, don't expect me to trade down duals, fetches, expeditions, masterpieces, high end foils or reserved list cards unless you are willing to lean the deal heavily in my favor. 

If I don't respond to you within 24 hours then feel free to hit me up at
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Underground Sea
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Underground Sea
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Diamond Valley
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Overgrown Tomb
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Three Visits
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