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Vous pouvez m'écrire en français aussi.

-==[ TRADING ]==-
I can trade within Canada and to USA.
I only play commander so I'm not really into the other formats big staples (unless they are commander playable).
Am a huge sucker for foils especially if they're cards I still don't have foiled in my decks.
I don't really care for doing trades under a $20 value. If it's in my wishlist then don't be afraid to make an offer.
I check my account daily for any trade offers and will usually ship the next day of confirmed address. If it's before noon, I will probably ship the same day.
Note that Canada Post is closed on weekends so if we agree on a trade during the weekend, your cards will be shipped the following Monday.
I reserve the right to ask you to ship first if you have less than 10 positive trade feedbacks to your name.

-==[ SELLING ]==-
For now I will only sell cards within Canada.
SHIPPING on Sales within CANADA
$2.00  1-10 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking [$50.00 MAX]
$3.25  11 - 25 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking [$100.00 MAX]
$5.00  26 - 50 Cards: Canada Post, No Tracking [$100.00 MAX]
$8.00 Any number of cards: Canada Post, Tracking Included [$100.00 MAX]
$0.00 FREE, any number of cards: Canada Post, Tracking Included [$100.00 MIN]

If I make a listing mistake or miss a card spike, I reserve the right to cancel any order.. such as 250+% price spikes. I will honor most sales though, as I've been on the other side as a buyer and find it frustrating when orders are canceled due to spikes. Open a discussion in the order if you're unsure if the price is too good to be true, a policy I employ myself, before purchase of course. Same goes for the flipside;  if you see a card that is clearly overpriced, please let me know in the order discussion and I can bring it down to a reasonable price.

I'm always opened to discussion if for any reason there is an issue with your order (wrong grading, wrong edition, etc.). There is always a solution and I always try my best to make trades/sales a win-win experience. I do check my trades and orders very meticulously and weight my packages at the post office, so there will never be insufficient mail postage. Please make sure your mailing address is up to date as I am not responsible for any lost mail and/or mail shipped to wrong addresses.

De-facto grading guide courtesy of SCG http://old.starcitygames.com/content/cardconditions
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