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Thanks for taking a look at my cards!  A few notes about shipping... I take great care to keep your cards safe in transit, and I follow the rule "Always package cards in the way you would want to receive them". Generally the following rules apply:

ALL cards will be sleeved unless purchased in bulk.

Cards valued at more than $5 are shipped in a plastic toploader.

Cards valued at more than $10 are shipped in a toploader and sandwiched in cardboard for extra protection (bubble mailer option only).
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Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
1 $35.50Add to Cart
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
1 $23.92Add to Cart
Balefire Dragon
1 $16.95Add to Cart
Birthing Pod
1 $16.28Add to Cart
Contagion Engine
2 $15.29Add to Cart
Green Sun's Zenith
1 $13.65Add to Cart
Sword of Body and Mind
1 $13.23Add to Cart
Darksteel Plate
1 $12.19Add to Cart
Triumph of the Hordes
4 $10.04Add to Cart
1 $9.17Add to Cart
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