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Mark (politebakudan)
United States - Michigan
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I am willing to sell/trade internationally, but only after some communication first to determine shipping costs/pricing.

I have been buying on Deckbox for a while now, and am looking to start selling excess cards I have.

I have been playing MTG since the mid 90's and have just recently started going thru my collection of cards from back then to see what I have more than 4 of and am listing them here.

My wish-list is kept up to date of the Kamigawa block that I am looking to round out my cube for.
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Serum Visions
12 $2.49Add to Cart
Seat of the Synod
1 $1.20Add to Cart
1 $1.05Add to Cart
7 $0.68Add to Cart
Wrench Mind
4 $0.66Add to Cart
Darksteel Pendant
1 $0.65Add to Cart
Viridian Longbow
1 $0.64Add to Cart
Fierce Empath
4 $0.60Add to Cart
Chittering Rats
6 $0.60Add to Cart
Molten Rain
3 $0.60Add to Cart
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