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I've got my entire 12k+ card collection on Deckbox now!

As of August 2020, my entire collection is up for sale, including the cards from my cube which I am disassembling.

I've priced my entire collection at 85% of Deckbox value.

I had originally used Blackborder.com for my card conditions. I currently use TCG Player, which considers most non-damaged cards Light Played. I've updated my inventory and labeled all cards 'Good.' Assume that my cards are no worse than MP, and are often NM/LP.

If I pull a card out to be shipped and it is damaged or in obviously worse condition than described, a refund will be issued.

All sales will be in a bubble mailer, and anything over $200 or so will have insurance and delivery confirmation.

US lower 48 only please.
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Mana Crypt
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Academy Rector
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Mana Vault
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Mana Vault
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Jace, the Mind Sculptor
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Ancient Tomb
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Army of Allah
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