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If there's something that you're interested in, just open a trade and I can usually find something.  In fact, generally the best course of action is to mark what you're interested in, propose a trade so that I see it right away, and I'll fill out the other side based on what I'm most interested in.  My wishlist is all over the place, and includes lots of low priority cards as well as higher priority cards.  Ideally trades will be at least $30 to make it worth tracking, but PWE for smaller trades is OK too.

Yes, I really am looking for all of those small value cards and I'm happy to trade down for them within reason.  Reserve list cards and $40+ cards are generally meant for similar items in return.  Cards over $250 are only for UL/AN/AQ or Imperial Seal.

I am only interested in cards in English.

If you have less than 30 feedback I expect that you will send first.

Cards listed as NM may not be NM.  I will double-check card conditions before confirming any trades.  I assume that you will do the same.

Unusual items that I have for trade include two black-bordered filler cards (filler #002), a black filler card (filler #019), black square-cornered foil star filler (filler #025) and an M filler card (filler #038).

Let me know if you have a foil GamingEtc Power Nine Walk (Time Walk).
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