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psyllogism (psyllogism)
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United States - Maryland - Ellicott City
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Welcome to my trade profile! I love to trade and am very willing to change things around to work things out to the satisfaction of both parties. All of my tradelist cards are also for sale so check that out too if that interests you!

A couple guidelines for a smooth trade:

* I prefer trades over $10 in value. Though sometimes I may propose a trade myself under that $10. If so, then I really want the card(s) in question.

* Unless my Wishlist very specifically says otherwise, I probably do not want foil, promo, and/or foreign versions.

* Nearly all of my cards from the Modern era have little to no visible wear that I can see, whereas earlier cards may or may not. If before a trade I notice that a card has significant visible wear on it then I will try to alert you. If condition really matters to you, please ask me beforehand. Happy to send scans or photos if you like!

* I will generally ship in clear sleeves and toploaders, but willing to consider doing it any other way you want! For orders over $25 or so, I will usually get delivery confirmation.

* If you have less than 5 Feedback, please kindly be willing to ship first and I will ship after I receive the cards.

Thanks for looking!
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Dragons of Tarkir - Booster Pack
4 for sale @ $4.00

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Liliana of the Veil
1 $96.95Add to Cart
Ensnaring Bridge
1 $46.55Add to Cart
Chalice of the Void
1 $43.50Add to Cart
Mesmeric Orb
1 $24.17Add to Cart
Sensei's Divining Top
1 $23.34Add to Cart
1 $19.61Add to Cart
Death's Shadow
1 $19.28Add to Cart
Cyclonic Rift
1 $16.27Add to Cart
Mycosynth Golem
1 $15.48Add to Cart
Watery Grave
4 $15.25Add to Cart
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