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Hi! I'm back from a break and eager to trade again!

I recognize that some of the items on my Wishlist are more, shall we say, aspirational than realistic. Don't let that scare you away! I'm nearly always in the mood for any Commander, Cube, or other non-Standard format staples even if they're not necessarily on my Wishlist. If you see something on my Tradelist, feel free to open up a negotiation. I love to try to work things out!

A couple guidelines for a smooth trade:

* I prefer trades over $10 in value. Though sometimes I may propose a trade myself under that $10. If so, then I really want the card(s) in question.

* Nearly all of my cards from the Modern era have little to no visible wear that I can see, whereas earlier cards may or may not. HOWEVER: I am NOT a professional card grader. If before a trade I notice that a card has significant visible wear on it then I will try to alert you. If condition really matters to you, please ask me beforehand. Happy to send photos if you like!

* I will generally ship in clear sleeves and toploaders, but willing to consider doing it any other way you want! For trades over $30 or so in value, I will usually ship with tracking.

* If you have less than 5 Feedback, please kindly be willing to ship first and I will ship after I receive the cards

* I'm generally not willing to trade your Standard cards for my non-Standard cards, unless you're willing to offer a fair bit more in trade value: probably at LEAST something in the neighborhood of +50% value or so.

* For any Reserved List cards I have, I will generally only trade them for at least one other Reserved List card from you, or like in the point above, unless you are willing to offer some extremely high trade value: probably something in the neighborhood of at least 2x the value of the RL card or so.

Thanks for looking, and happy trading!
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