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Barry Craig (pygmydynamo)
United States - Washington - Seattle
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I'm not on Deckbox all that often, usually once or twice a week. I check it when I remember to, but I don't get the email alerts. If you trade with me, I appreciate your patience!!!!!!

If you are International / Canadian: One of the reasons I'm on Deckbox is that I'm not spending $$$ on Magic. So, for an international trade to happen, the trade value needs to dwarf the shipping... ideally, a $20 - $30 trade or more.

I'm not a foils guy --- trade your foils to the folks that want 'em! The cheapest/most recent printing of a card is the version I want.

I am a collector. I need the cards to be NM. If you send me a card that is not, I have to trade it away and still need to find a NM one.

Packaging: Cards are drawn to tape like bears to honey. PLEASE take care when you package cards so they cannot come in contact with tape... About 25% of the trades on Deckbox send me a card in penny sleeve + toploader (awesome) but the card shifts around during shipping (unavoidable) and drifts out of the penny sleeve, and BOOM touches the tape. Usually just the black ink along the top of one front card is messed up from the tape, but occassionally it is worse, grabbing several cards or even causing a dent.

It's easy to avoid. Just pack your cards where the mouth of the penny sleeve "[" goes opposite direction than the mouth of the toploader "]", so even if there is shifting in the mail, the tape can't touch anything vital. Simple, simple.

If I don't leave you feedback, it means you either ignored my packing concerns above --- don't worry, I still love you --- or more than one of your cards showed up less than NM and I didn't want to be a dick about it. It's just not worth the bad energy or anxiety to complain about that stuff, making people feel like they made a mistake, arguing, sending the less-than-NM cards back, etc. However, I just don't leave feedback on those trades. Hopefully you understand, and prefer no feedback to the negative feedback/ hassle scenario.

10 cent cards: My wishlist includes missing rares from my collection AND commons/uncommons that I want additional copies of. The commons and uncommons should be helpful in rounding out a trade, but please don't make a trade with just a bunch of them! Just one or two 10-centers, please...

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