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United States - Nevada - Las Vegas
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This user has set his status to on vacation. You can not trade or buy cards from him until he comes back. Feel free to check out his bio or drop him an email to ask for details.
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!!! If you want any commons from Standard on my tradelist, I trade them at $0.02 each (not Deckbox's $0.10 nonsense). !!!
Hello, and thanks for reading. I'm trading less and less these days, primarily just from not having the time to be as active as I used to. These days, my wishlist comprises cards I'd like to have for my collection (not necessarily decks).

Updated: 2017-03-31

I'm typically fine with sending at the same time. If you have low feedback or any negative/neutral feedback, I may request that you ship first.

I usually ship using a PWE, padding the cards to ensure safety. I use tracking when shipping larger quantities of cards or for high-value trades.

Your shipping: How you send is your business, but be advised, each person is responsible for the cards until they're delivered to the other party.

If trading me a foil, please note that I'm particular as to what NM status on foils means. Foils can easily get hairline scratches or clouding over time. It sucks, but they don't qualify as NM anymore. I record me opening trades and taking cards out to document the condition there and then to help protect both trading parties (e.g., If a card condition is different from the one claimed, I'll unfortunately insist that we trade the cards back. (Best to provide detailed pictures/videos ahead of time.)
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Filigree Crawler
3 $0.02Add to Cart
Grim Roustabout
1 $0.02Add to Cart
Common Bond
1 $0.02Add to Cart
Aerial Predation
1 $0.02Add to Cart
Rootborn Defenses
3 $0.02Add to Cart
Towering Indrik
1 $0.02Add to Cart
Tormented Soul
3 $0.02Add to Cart
Titanic Growth
3 $0.02Add to Cart
Terrifying Presence
2 $0.02Add to Cart
Evolving Wilds
3 $0.02Add to Cart
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