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Thanks for reading my profile!

Because I've stopped playing for the most part (adulting, bleh!), MtG is now mostly just about collectability. As such, I don't have much incentive to simply trade X value of cards for another set of X value in cards. For the most part, I won't be too interested in the trade unless you're offering one of the following:
• Reserved list cards
• Foil two-color lands (original prints, not subsequent sets) in NM or very good SP conditions (will need to see video or high quality pics since I've been burned on this several times)
• Zendikar Expiditions or Kaladesh Inventions
• A noticeable higher amount of value

For most people, I totally get this is not of interest. When I played, this would have been a non-starter for me. So, if this means you're not interested in trading, no hard feelings. But, if you're still interested, open up a trade and let's see if we can make things happen. (It might take me a few days to respond since I don't check here unless I get an email.)

Offer whatever you want; worst case I'll say no or counteroffer. Note, I'm willing to add cash via PayPal to even trades out. So, got a $100 card I want but only see $50 in cards you want from me? Let me know and we can work out a fair $ figure to finish things out. Just fair warning, you wouldn't get full price for a card from a buylist (or selling via platforms that take fees from you), so please don't expect me to pay full price on a card. But, I AM fair, so just start the dialogue and we'll go from there.

Ship however you want. It's your card until it gets into my hands! At the same time, don't make demands of me on how I ship. Demands don't go far with me. ;)

Trading me a foil? I'm very particular since it's likely going into a collection. Hairline scratches or clouding? Not NM anymore!
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