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Scalding Tarn
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Thanks for reading my profile!

Let me throw this out there first. If you're interested in trading down (5 cards to 1), I'll make it worth your while with a 30% premium at minimum. Start the trade discussion and let's make it happen.

Why am I doing this? Because I've stopped playing. for the most part (adulting, bleh!). For me, it's now just about collectability (thus my collecting foils and reserved list cards). For my occasional play, I actually have a full playset of commons/uncommons from several blocks and my friends and I just draft from that. Surprisingly fun!

Updated: 2017-09-02

I usually ship using a PWE, padding the cards to ensure safety. I use tracking when I'm forced to due to too many cards to ship (won't fit in PWE) or I simply don't trust the recipient.

Your shipping: Send however you want. How each trader sends cards is his or her business. I find it amusing to see so many traders place requirements in their profiles on how others send. They have about as much right to make such demands as I do that they send me their cards for free.

Ultimately, we're all responsible for our cards until they get to the recipient, so tracking is for the sender's protection, not the receiver's.

Trading me a foil? If you have it listed as NM, note, it's not just the border we need to look at. Is the foiling itself good? No hairline scratches or clouding? We're good to go. Not sure? Check under direct light. Since these are for a collection, I'll be picky about this (NM literally means near mint, after all). Send me not NM though you passed it off as such? I won't hesitate to send it back. No hard feelings, just be truthful about the conditions is all.
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Start Your Engines
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Time to Reflect
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Destined // Lead
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