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Riftrid3r Gaming (riftrid3rgaming)
United States - Oregon - Salem
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--Send a message before purchasing 12 or less cards to have shipping/handling fees reduced.--

I'm a semi-casual MTG player (I am not nor am I affiliated with an LGS or OnlineGS.) I follow the duel commander meta. I play modern, and I draft about once a week. I've organized various gaming tournaments and I like to play top tier and brew jank alike. My primary goal is to find friendly, local, trade opportunities and I am also willing to trade by mail.

Trade-By-Mail Policies:
(Currently shipping only within the United States.)
$0.00 shipping on trades up to 60 cards worth $60 or more.
$0.75 for up to 12 cards sent USPS First Class.
$8.00 for a padded envelop with up to 24 cards sent USPS Priority with e-tracking.
For trades I ask that you send first.
Trades less than $20 will be sent USPS first class.
$20+ we must both be send USPS Priority with tracking in bubble mailer.

Local Trades/Purchases:
There is no shipping cost and if you have something I need we can see about shaving 10% to 15% my asking prices; Especially if you are the one delivering/picking up.
If you don't have anything I need I am willing to trade at a reasonable percentage above buylist but below market.

I'm only looking for what is listed in my wishlist and I keep that updated. If you want to trade for stuff I have but don't have things on my wishlist, I ask that we try to make your total trade value over $20. I will give your cards 60-90% of market value depending on that cards current price trend/play-ability. The reason I am willing to offer Better-than-buylist(TM)(C)(R) is because I am currently grinding for some key cards for the deck I am working on, and If I am not getting those key cards in trade then I need to be maintaining trade velocity until I get them together.

Thank You for checking out my deckbox Trades,
Riftrid3r Gaming
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Chandra, Awakened Inferno
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Seasoned Pyromancer
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Finale of Devastation
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Robber of the Rich
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Castle Vantress
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Snow-Covered Plains
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Thornbite Staff
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Gideon Blackblade
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Bloodforged Battle-Axe
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