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I take pride of my cards, so the majority of them are NM.  I can provide exact card condition during  a trade.  Condition is important to me, so if you have a trade that is not NM, let me know.

I use the Blackborder condition guide as a reference (http://www.blackborder.com/cgi-bin/customscripts/help/condition.cgi).  I consider cards as NM if the're close to mint, though they may have very minor wear.  If you look at the guide, the Lightly Played example is far worst than I would consider for NM.

I typically ship in a standard envelope with a soft sleeve and top loader.  If something else is requested, let me know during the trade.  I usually ship the day after the trade is finalized.

I try to respond quickly and will work with people on a trade.  If you'd like a quicker response, propose a trade so I get the email.

Cards marked with really high quantities are cards I'll consider in a trade, but I'm not desperately looking for them. 

The Phyrexian Tower, High Market, and Priest of Titania marked as Promo are gold bordered versions of the cards.
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