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Due to the global pandemic, I'm putting my online trading on hold. Stay safe out there, friends!

I've been playing since Odyssey block, and have primarily played casual 60-card multiplayer, limited, pauper, and EDH. GW has been my favorite color combination to play since Judgment. Most cards I'm definitely fine trading for equal value, but I do prefer trading similar types of cards for either the same (modern staples, legacy staples, reserved list, etc.), but will make exceptions for cards high on my wants list (see my decks). Similarly, I'm OK with trading down, but generally do not want to split one expensive card into more than two less expensive cards, unless the other cards are high on my wants list.

Assume all my cards are either LP or NM unless indicated otherwise. I trade cards in order to use them, so I don't make a big fuss over minor edge nicks, subjective grading, and such. If a card seems questionably MP or worse (damaged, foil warping, etc.), I will mention it before confirming my address so we can remedy the situation.

Less than $20, I will send in plain white envelope, with sleeves, and toploaders. More than $20, I will send in bubble mailer, with either sleeves and toploaders, or in a plastic card case with padding. Expensive cards and foils will usually come in perfect fits as well (depends on how it is currently stored).

Oh, and some other helpful tips: Please don't go overboard on the tape. Please fold over a tab at the end of the tape for easier removal. When sending in an ordinary size envelope, use a tape loop to affix the toploader to a sheet of paper, fold the paper, and insert in the envelope. This prevents the cards from sliding around. In addition, USPS First Class Mail with tracking seems the way to go for bubble mailers. You can use the USPS website, Stamps.com, or Paypal/sendnow for prices around $3 depending on weight). And apparently you can find thick toploaders at some places. They are GREAT for trading cards quantities that are too much for 2 toploaders, but not enough for plastic cases, as they comfortably fit 4-6 cards in a penny sleeve each.
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