Tom Z (sinclaire)
United States - Michigan - Flint
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30-Jul-2021 21:49
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I'm not super active in online trading these days. I'm generally only going to accept a trade if I feel it's good enough for me to go through the effort of going to the post office. I'm not actively looking for any cards at the moment, so it's all just value for me. If you want my cards, you've gotta give me something to make me feel like I'm gaining something through the transaction. I'm not asking for a specific percentage amount or anything. Just something.

I've got mostly high-end stuff on my wish list, but I'll trade for pretty much anything. Just please don't offer me $30 masterpieces for my legacy staples. I'm interested in trading for them, but not for duals.

Feel free to ask for pics or anything of the sort.

Not listed on my trade list is a NM Wyvern-back Ver 2 Necrite misprint.
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