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Simon St-Pierre (sistpier)
Canada - Quebec - Quebec
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Mostly selling my collection. I don't update the prices very often, so I reserve the right to cancel/refund an order when someone is looking to take advantage of sudden card value fluctuations. I've tried to provide a good selection of shipping options. Message me if you have a large order and I'll figure something out.

If you have any questions about pricing or shipping, feel free to let me know.
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Fabled Passage
1 $17.00Add to Cart
Elvish Reclaimer
1 $8.00Add to Cart
Knight of the Ebon Legion
1 $7.00Add to Cart
Field of Ruin
1 $3.00Add to Cart
Canopy Vista
2 $2.50Add to Cart
Sun Titan
1 $2.50Add to Cart
Experimental Frenzy
1 $2.50Add to Cart
Bedlam Reveler
3 $2.00Add to Cart
Tectonic Edge
1 $2.00Add to Cart
Darksteel Mutation
1 $2.00Add to Cart
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