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Watery Grave
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James Skoog (sk00gle)
United States - Minnesota - Saint Peter
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Not much to say in this paragraph, other than feel free to browse my tradelist and let me know if something catches your eye!

When it comes to Magic, I am, first and foremost, a player. This means that my cards--every last one of them--is going to see play at some point, and as a result, is going to experience the bit of wear you can expect to see from sleeved play. Admittedly, some cards are going to be in worse shape than others; I will do my best to notify you if there's anything more than routine wear from sleeved play on my cards. When evaluating conditions, I use this guide:

I do a lot of local trading in addition to my dealings on this site; as such, I cannot guarantee that my tradelist will be 100% up-to-date at all times. I will be sure to notify you if you have expressed an interest in something that appears in my tradelist, but that I do not possess.

If/when I open a new trade with you, I will always include a message of some sort. If you don't respond within three or four days, I will cancel the trade, so that I'm not left waiting for a reply while a local offer goes by.

I will not ship first under any circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS. I expect simultaneous shipping for all trades; the distribution of risk is much fairer this way. I realize this may go against one of the guidelines of this site, but remember that it is a guideline and not a hard rule.

If the value of the cards involved in a trade with me is less than $25, I will usually ship in a plain white envelope and a toploader. For trades $25 and up, I will send in a bubble mailer with tracking. I would appreciate it if you could do the same. I won't normally include insurance on a package; however, I am open to discussion on this.

If I do not know you personally, I will NOT agree to any local trades.

I do not agree with the practice of asking for/giving any sort of premium or additional value when "trading down" and "trading up." The market dictates the value of a card; it makes no sense to me to expect any more than that value. As such, if I am "trading up," I'm afraid I will refuse any request for additional value. Likewise, if I am "trading down," I will not ask for additional value.

In addition to my tradelist, I am looking to trade away my Pauper Turbo Fog deck, listed in the "Pauper" folder here on my profile. The deck will come in sleeves and a box.

I am only trading the Dredge things on my playlist for original printings thereof. For example, I am only trading the Duel Decks Golgari Grave-Trolls for Ravnica Grave-Trolls.
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