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If you need something specific from CardMarket, that can equilize the trade value - I don't mind getting it for you, just be assured that the trade time will be extended :)

In general, shipping from Denmark is expensive, so I prefer to keep the trade value above 20-30 USD.
I will only provide tracking for high-value trades and/or upon request.

I cannot accept a trade from users outside European Union if the cards are declared in customs with a total value of more than $10. Sorry.
If you're from Holland, please package your cards well - the Danish customs will open the letter with a box cutter, which often damages the cards :(

I want my recipients to be satisfied with the trade - please let me know if you've found that I have marked the quality incorrectly. If I find my cards marked in the incorrect quality I will let you know before I ship.

PLEASE Package your cards at least according to the packaging guide https://deckbox.org/help/how_to_send_cards
The postal service in Denmark can handle the mail rough.

I only want English cards! If you find foreign cards in my inventory/tradelist I'm more than happy to get rid of them.
The more cards I can get rid of per trade, the happier I am - I don't mind offering more value if I can trade "up".
Bulk trades are fine with me!
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