Jonathan Haskins (thalaric)
United States - Utah - Lehi
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01-Jun-2021 22:34
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I've recently been looking to dabble in online trading. I started playing back when revised was released and built up a pretty strong collection of vintage and legacy cards. These days my playgroup has neither the time nor money for that, so we play a version of magic with only Modern Commons and Uncommons, so don't be surprised if you see me trading down for uncommon staples.

I buy cards to play sleeved, so I'm not really interested in foils and not picky about conditions. There are only three categories I care about: stuff I want (M/NM/LP), stuff I'll take but the condition bears consideration (MP/HP), and stuff I'm not really interested in (Poor/Damaged). That said, I know condition is very important for some traders, so for cards I rate I attempt to be as accurate as possible. If I have any doubt, I choose the lower condition. I am not an expert, however. If condition concerns you, please request pictures.

If you are established on the site with great feedback I am willing to send first.
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