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Hey all!  I'm still relatively new to this site, but I am certainly getting the hang of things and how people tend to operate.  So far, I only have GREAT things to say about deckbox and the people on here!  I look forward to helping you all build collections and decks; the only thing I ask is that you leave some positive feedback when we're done.

So here are a few things you should know about my collection and wishlist

- I recently overhauled the inventory, so all editions, languages, and foilings are marked correctly.

- MOST of my cards are NM/LP but I'm not a stickler for condition, myself, so if you want to verify please ask.

- Cards in my wishlist marked as "100" are very low priorities.  These are cards that don't belong in any particular deck, they are just part of collections that I am building over time.  I'll likely pass on trades involving these cards. 

- I am comfortable sending via plain white envelope for anything under $25.  If you want me to track a package that is less, please let me know up front so I can incorporate that into the trade.

- If you have little to no positive ratings, I'll likely ask that you send first.  This seems to be standard across the site.

- Please don't cancel trade proposals without at least a "no thanks."  I won't; it feels rude.

- I am selling on cardsphere as well, so please be patient with the inventory.  Every once in a while there will be a discrepancy between the inventories, especially with standard cards as they tend to move more often. 

- I travel a lot, especially in the summers.  So please bear with me if it takes a few days to get back to you.  If I plan to be gone more than a week at at time, I'll check the vacation mode. 

- With regard to the seller accounts, please be flexible. I'm still new to it and haven't found an effective way to stay up-to-date with prices.  To protect myself from scammers I will check your date of sale and the price at that time.  If you buy a card before dramatic price spikes, I'll honor it (e.g. that time I sold a $150 foil for a fraction of the price).  Otherwise we'll talk about refunding the cost. 

- And finally, if you demand a premium for the "privilege" of trading with you, then so do I.  Otherwise, let's make a deal and play some cards!
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Mana Crypt
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Eladamri's Call
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Teferi's Puzzle Box
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Scroll Rack
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Gaddock Teeg
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The Chain Veil
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Blightsteel Colossus
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Chrome Mox
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