Michael A Zazulak (the_wizard_666)
Canada - Alberta - Calgary
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01-May-2021 03:44
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I'm almost strictly a Legacy player.  I've considered Standard so I could play locally more often, but I just can't bring myself to shell out the financial commitment to do so.  My wishlist simply consists of the Unhinged foils I need for my set, and any cards I'm looking for to complete a deck I wish to build/tweak, and are my primary wants, however they are not all I'm looking for.  Conversely, my trade list consists of cards that I would like out of my collection.  Currently that includes my extra Unhinged cards (more to add), and will likely include my foreign cards at some point in the future, as I only want English cards.  This is by no means all that I am willing to trade...pretty much anything in my inventory that isn't currently in a deck can be had for the right offer.  I don't mind looking through lists if you don't have anything I'm searching for at the moment, but I'd prefer to at least have something from my wishlist involved in the trade.

Most of my cards are in near mint condition, but some aren't.  I'm in the process of removing condition ratings because I don't want to go through my collection to grade them all individually.  The ones listed already were done by default, and may or may not be in the condition noted.  That said, I'll notify you before a deal is reached if any cards involved aren't in playable condition.  Upon request, I will give detailed descriptions and/or pictures of any cards on my list so you know exactly what you are getting if you need them in better than playable condition.  I myself only require that the cards be playable in sleeves, but would expect that they would be weighted accordingly in the trade.

One final thing: If you happen to have any Deep Spawn cards that you don't want, feel free to add them into any trade we make as a bonus.  Long story short, I promised a friend I would get as many as I could, and since it's a pretty terrible card, I'm sure there's a few wallowing in the depths of peoples' collections.  I'm not actively looking to get them or anything, but if you have any that you want to be rid of, I'll happily take them off your hands.
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