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Mostly EDH and limited player (and L1 judge) with a random smorgasbord of stuff. Always open to trade discussion, and since my aim is playability, I'm not terribly concerned with getting everything being NM, just let me know and we'll adjust price to reflect it.

I don't really have many specific wants, but I'll almost always trade for masterpieces/expeditions to bling out EDH decks, as well as fetches or other valuable real estate. I'm doing the 32 project, so there will always be a deck that would take em. If I have standard cards on my wishlist, it's probably because I'm building some janky standard deck, and I prefer to trade standard cards for other standard cards.

NOTICE: I gather old and possibly beat up collections, so if a card on my list isn't from a set released in the last couple years, it may or may not be in NM condition, but I will always discuss before sending any out.

I have some sealed product available as well:
            Japanese Atraxa Breed Lethality Commander Deck
IN PLASTIC:  (factory sealed with all cards+tokens, just missing the actual box and oversized cards for the commander decks)
            Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis - Stalwart Unity Commander Deck
            Prossh - Power Hungry Commander Deck
            Breya - Invent Superiority Commander Deck
            Zendikar half of Zendikar vs. Eldrazi
            Origins Clash Pack - Dangerous (the one with alt art Dromoka on the front)
            2x Cruel Plots - DTK U/B intro deck with alt art Necromaster Dragon on the front
            Take to the Sky - Origins intro deck with alt art Alhammaret
            Flames of the Dragon - M15 intro deck with Siege Dragon on the front
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