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1. New to the site so I am aware of the rules/preferences regarding references on trades but if I am selling to you I will expect payment first.
2. If you want to see my eBay feedback you can find it here:
3. If you want to see my MoTL feedback: http://classic.magictraders.com/reflists/thomaseubank.html
I take my reputation and standing seriously and will do whatever it takes to make sure that everything goes smoothly for both sides of the deal and everyone ends up happy.
4. My cards will be EX to NM in almost all cases.  If there is anything that does not fall into one of those categories I will let you know before hand.
5. All cards will be shipped in a top loader/hard case (depending on quantity) and bubble envelope. I prefer shipping with tracking Numbers so it is usually First Class or Priority Mail.  If you would rather ship another way we can work that out.
- First Class: $2.50: Bubble Mailer with Tracking
- Priority Mail: $5.95 Small Flat Rate Box
6. I can provide images or scans of card on request.
7. I will trade up or down depending on the offer.  Do not be upset if I decline your offer or want to make adjustments.
8. Looking for Legends, Arabians, Antiquities (black border only, no white border reprints) and Revised Duals. I will be willing to trade at a premium for Legacy Cards but lets try to keep things reasonable.
9. Play fair with me and you will receive the same in return.
10. Please email with any questions, I will respond as quickly as possible.

Not new to buying and selling online by any stretch of the imagination. If I buy from you... you will get paid.  If I trade with you... you will receive what we agreed on. I expect no less in return.

If there is a pricing error on my part I will notify you and we can decide to proceed or not.  I try to be as accurate as possible but something will slip by on occasion.

I started collecting when Revised was brand new and got out around the time Fallen Empires appeared on the scene.  Just getting back in to the groove of things and building up what I had years ago.

More than happy to answer any questions.
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