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$10 minimum on purchases to justify shipping.

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2 FTV 20 Sealed
4 Innistrad Booster Boxes sealed


Everything in my tradelist is for trade. Feel free to propose just about anything, worst you can get is a no thanks.

I will generally not trade down too much unless I have a high want (or you give me value), but feel free to make offers. Please do not offer me standard cards for hard to find foils. This seems to be a trend lately and it is annoying. If I have something you want, just add it and I will look at your list. No need to fill in my side.

Any cards marked as wanting 3, 7, or cost under a buck are usually throw-ins. Please don't offer to trade me 20 of them for staples.

Generally all my cards are NM to LP. If it is an expensive card I will mention that it is LP if it is, if it is bulk and LP bothers you please inquire so I can check.

I prefer to keep trades in the Country when possible, international trading can bring some headaches. Canada is usually ok.

I reserve the right to send second if you have any negative feedback or you are new to the site.

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