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- I use TCGMarket - if it's a card with a low supply like old border foils, super old cards, etc. then I'd ask we value it at something more appropriate like TCGLow. If you have a different way of valuing cards I'm open to discussion to find a metric that we both find fair!
- Always down to trade! Some random stuff I look for besides my wishlist are Full/Extended Art EDH cards, EDH staples, and Reserved List
- If you're interested in buying cards off me I'll sell them for cheaper than TCGPlayer
- For conditions, I reference TCGPlayer's condition guide - I've received cards labeled as NM that had clouding, scuffing, scratching, nicks, border wear and more :( please be accurate, I'm perfectly happy trading for non-NM cards but it sucks to get a card I traded for expecting NM and getting non-NM
- I'll send with PWE usually, tracking for larger trades
- I also have the following for trade but not listed:
  * Dragon Shield Perfect Fits
  * Time Spiral Remastered Box
  * Modern Horizons Box
  * Jumpstart Box
  * Eldritch Moon Box
  * Conspiracy 2 Box

If I'm trading for one of my notable wants I'd be willing to trade out of inventory anything that's not in a deck, just ask!
- Dissension Hallowed Fountain
- Foil Borderless Mana Crypt
- Onslaught Bloodstained Mire
- Judge Wheel of Fortune
- FTV Mox Diamond
- Null Rod
- Full Art Double Masters Sword of X and Y
- Full Art Jace, the Mind Sculptor
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