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Hi all,
Looking to make some new trading partners via the internet.

For trades less than $20, I'll be sending via regular envelope. Larger trades via bubble mailer/confirmation. I will always use sleeves and top loaders- please do the same. My cards for trade are NM (or very light play. As in I only used it sleeved for the event I drafted it in) with a few noted exceptions. If you have questions, I'm happy to send scans or pictures.

I'm an adult that works a lot and have family time- MTG is a hobby to me. I'm playing for fun and trading to reduce cost- this is not a business for me and am not looking to fleece anybody. I may not always be the fastest to the post office, but will be upfront about when I can get there.

Happy to make most trades $4 plus. The cost of a stamp is worth getting playable cards in exchange for cards not being used.

Trading goals: Modern and pioneer cards and EDH. Legacy someday.
Currently Building-GR vehicles for pioneer. Random EDH decks. Modern stuff

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for reading!
T Ward
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