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Hello, everyone !

After a long hiatus, I’m finally ready to start selling again. Thanks so much for shopping with me. Unfortunately, I have a lot of pricing to update. So please, don’t be discouraged if you see a card way over-priced. Let me know, and I’ll fix any prices I haven’t yet caught. On the opposing end, please don’t expect to be able to get a card for a ridiculously low price simply because it’s cost has skyrocketed and I haven’t found it yet. I won’t just cancel your order but will communicate with you to get a more appropriate price set. Thanks for understanding.

The vast majority of my cards were pulled from a pack by me and put into a sleeve and box for safe keeping. If any card is not near mint, it will be marked as such. I am honest and meticulous about card condition. However, I will always double check any cards before sending them out and will communicate if I am not satisfied that the card is in the condition advertised.

I'm currently only shipping within the United States. The breakdown of my shipping options is as follows:

$0.95 - PWE 5 card max, $20 max
$1.15 - PWE 10 cards max, $20 max
$1.35 - PWE 36 cards max, $20 max
$3.20 - Bubble Envelope, 50 cards max
$7.70 - Small Flat Rate Box, 360 cards max
$14.50 - Medium Flat Rate Box, 1000 cards max

PWE stands for Plain White Envelope for anyone who isn't informed. These won't have tracking, so I do require that packages worth more than $20 use one of the Bubble Envelope options to ensure the package is tracked. This helps protect both of us. For up to 15 cards, they will be packed in top loaders. I'm a pretty creative shipper though and will pack a ton of cards into 3 pockets of a 9-pocket page for anyone who just needs a lot of bulk cards. I don't have an order minimum as my shipping options will cover the $.30 that PayPal charges for each transaction.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I can usually respond within a couple of hours.

Also if you'd like high-quality pics of a particular card before purchase, let me know. It may take me a day or two to get pics for you because I'll have to borrow a camera, but I have several neighbors who'd be willing to let me use one if needed.
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